Compliance with the Data Protection Regulation

From 25/5/2018, the new General Regulation on Data Protection (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, known as the GDPR, is implemented, which strengthens the protection of personal data throughout the European Union.

MYRTALY CONGRESS P.C. fully complies with national and European legislation regarding the collection, processing and saving the personal and sensitive data.

The visitor/user of the website is invited to carefully read the following terms of use that apply to all content (texts, graphics, images, photos, files) and the services offered and to visit / use its pages / services only if it fully accepts them.

To continue using the Site, you need to accept the Terms and condition of the Website.

The e-mails of the users of the "Contact Us" service are used exclusively for sending of a requested service and consequently for the purpose of promoting information related to the content of the Website and are in no way disclosed to third parties. When a subscriber chooses to unsubscribe from the recipient lists, then his email will permanently be deleted.

During Conferences, Meetings, Events, video recording or photography may occur. The material may be used on the Social Media of Myrtaly Congress PC, for the promotion of the respective event.

Our company keeps an electronic file of all the data required for the completion of its bilateral commercial transactions, which are imposed by the tax and insurance legislation. The data are kept for as long as the cooperation with our company exists or for as long as the legislation stipulates as mandatory. Only authorized personnel have access to them, through the company's information systems. Customers / partners, accept and unreservedly agree to the observance of this information by our company, at the beginning of our cooperation. The obligors have the right to request through written request to be informed of this information.


The management and the protection of the personal data of the user on the website, is subject to the relevant provisions of Greek and European law, as in force.

The website offers the following services:

- Online submission of abstracts for presentation at the Congress

- Online registration for participation in the Congress

The Agency, as the organizer of the Congress and the administrator of this website, acts as the person in charge of processing, collecting and processing personal data that you voluntarily provide to him / her when you visit the Congress website, when you use the website services (eg registration, participation in the Congress as a speaker, etc.) or when you choose in any way to contact the Institution and / or the Congress.

You may refuse to provide any personal information (other than those relating to the use of Internet communication protocols that are typically collected when you visit a website); are not available or do not perform properly.

The aim of the Agency is the personal data that are collected and processed to be in line with the purpose for which they are intended, to be accurate, complete and to be processed legally and fairly, in a transparent manner.

The Agency collects personal data of delegates and speakers in order to:

- be used for the smooth organization and safe conduct of the Congress

- contact you

The information we collect, you provide to us voluntarily during your registration as a delegate and / or Speaker. These data remain in our possession and are used only for the service of the above purposes for which you have been informed and expressly consent through the provision of the relevant data.

We do not give any of your information to third parties and we do not provide access to it to anyone other than those listed below under the heading Recipients of Personal Data, ie to our external partners acting on our behalf.

Your personal information is processed lawfully and transparently in a transparent manner in relation to you. They are collected for the above defined, explicit and legitimate purposes and are not further processed in a manner incompatible with those purposes. They are appropriate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which they are processed.

The retention of your personal data will last for as long as is required to fulfill the purposes described in this Policy, unless Greek law requires or permits a longer period. In any case, we make every effort to keep the data not exceeding the necessary time for the purpose of receiving them.

Explicit consent for video recording - photography - live streaming

Your registration in the Congress, which implies your participation in the Congress as a Speaker or a Delegate and then your presence in the Congress space and your participation in it in any capacity, constitutes your practical and unconditional consent-consent for use by the Carrier of your image and statements / suggestions, as they may be captured on video that will be taken during the days of the Congress and / or live streaming during the Congress on the internet for any purpose and in particular informative, promotional, commercial etc. and in general for the promotion of the specific Congress in any way and in any medium such as all indicatively through the printed and electronic press or the internet (present Website, other websites, social media etc.) or any other audio and video medium (television, radio).