Myrtaly Congress has available for use a van, which is proposed to be used for the promotion of various activities by companies of all kinds.

It serves the needs of promoting products and services, utilizing new methods of communication

Furthermore, it provides an indoor space, available 12 months a year, regardless of the weather conditions, which do not affect the events, as in similar cases organized in open spaces.

The promotion van can be "set up" in any part of the country desired by our respective partner, has projection screens inside and can be "dressed" with the logo of the Company or the campaign that is being promoted.

At the same time, it has an external screen, with the ability to simultaneously view the speeches / presentations that take place inside.

Outdoors, three stands are provided for the distribution of printed material.

The use of the mobile projection booth is recommended for the following communication / promotion actions:

  • Public awareness videos
  • Speeches to a targeted audience (up to 15 people indoors, 30 people abroad)
  • Distribution of printed material
  • Free medical examinations
  • Preventive actions for children
  • Press conferences
  • Actions for World Health Days

Download the brochure here

Breast Cancer Awareness event

ΕΣΠΑ on the ROAD

Promotion Van Partner